Swiss cuisine – a mix of cultures  Swiss cuisine is based on the centuries-old culinary traditions of three cultures that has formed the population of the country. The biggest percent are the German speaking Swiss – over 60 percent. About 20 percent are the French, and nearly 10 percent – Italians. These influences have their effect to the present day, because Switzerland is bordered by these three countries – Germany to the north, France to the west and Italy to the south. Read More →

Swiss cuisine – a rich palette of flavors and aromas  The use of spices for additional flavoring depends to a large extent on the culinary traditions of the region, which create long-lasting taste preferences in people.  Read More →

One of the most famous branches in Swiss cuisine is the amazingly delicious doughy products. The cozy atmosphere of the Alpine country houses just won’t be the same without the aromatic bread with irresistible crust and its other doughy “relatives”.Read More →

Which country you should visit if you want to eat healthy food? The international organization Oxfam has conducted a study on nutrition in 125 countries around the world.Read More →

For those of you who do not know what Fondue is, it is a delicious warm dish suitable for the cold winter days, and it originates from the Alps.Fondue’s fame experienced a peak in the 1970s and thereafter this delicious Swiss dish was forgotten.Read More →

Switzerland can surprise you not only with its high standard, beautiful nature and varied cuisine, but also with its variety of alcoholic and coctail drinks,  as some of them have very ancient and interesting story.Read More →

Traditional Swiss cuisine is not only very rich but also multicultural. The country is divided into 20 cantons and 6 semi-cantons, as each one of them has its own specialties, which are strongly influenced by the national cuisines of Germany, France and Northern Italy.Read More →