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Mix of green salads 24.00 BGN 200 g

/with optional additions/
Select a dressing:
Mustard dressing (Dijon mustard, Extra virgin olive oil, lemon, vinegar, black pepper)
Balsamic dressing (balsamic vinegar, grape seed oil, Shallot)

Salad with roasted beetroot, avocado and walnuts 20.00 BGN 300 g

/roasted beet, avocado, walnuts, rocket, parsley, garlic, and honey-and-mustard dressing/

Tomato salad with buffalo mozzarella 26.00 BGN 300 g

/pink tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, zucchini, house-made pesto, roasted pistachio, arugula/

Salad with goat cheese, pear and hazelnut26.00 BGN 300 g

/red wine poached pear, baked goat cheese, mixed greens, hazelnut croquant/

Cold Entrees

A mix of cold cuts 29.00 BGN 100 g

/Swiss and Italian cold cuts served with crispy breadsticks/

A mix of cheeses 29.00 BGN 100 g

/Swiss and Bulgarian cheeses served with fig jam and breadsticks/

Smoked salmon with potato Rösti and Appenzeller cheese 37.00 BGN 250 g

/smoked salmon, shallot, pickled cucumbers, potato Rösti, Appenzeller cheese/

Cheese fondue

Lucky Bansko cheese fondue with Franche-Comté, Emmental Grand Cru, Comté and Beaufort. 44.00 BGN 180 g
Classical cheese fondue with Vacherin (3 months) and Gruyère(9 months)cheeses, white wine 49.00 BGN 180 g
Fondue with Emmental and Parmesan cheeses 36.00 BGN 180 g
Fondue with Gruyère and Emmental cheeses 38.00 BGN 180 g
Fondue with Appenzeller cheese 44.00 BGN 180 g
Each fondue is served with bread cubes, pickled vegetables, boiled potatoes and marinated onions
Cheese fondue additions:
Tomato concassé, shallot, mushrooms marinated in white wine, fried bacon, herbs

Meat Fondue

Oil fondue 12.00 BGN
Served with meat cubes of your choice.
Vegetable stock fondue 10.00 BGN
Served with several types thinly sliced meat.
Choice of meat for the oil or broth fondue:
Black Angus beef 36.00 BGN 250 g33.00 BGN100 g
Pork bon fillet 22.00 BGN 250 g17.00 BGN 100 g
Organic chicken fillet 22.00 BGN 250 g17.00 BGN 100 g
Garnish to the fondue of your choice: stewed broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, asparagus, pickled cucumbers

Fish Fondue

Oil fondue 12.00 BGN

Choice of fish and seafood for the oil fondue:

Salmon fillet 28.00 BGN 250 g23.00 BGN 100 g
Octopus 38.00 BGN 250 g33.00 BGN 100 g
Royal shrimp 33.00 BGN 250 g28.00 BGN 100 g
Garnish to the fondue of your choice: stewed broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, asparagus, pickled cucumbers, lemon butter sauce, garlic, dill


Raclette cheese 42.00 BGN 120 g

Served with toasts, sausage and boiled potatoes

Beef burger with Raclette cheese44.00 BGN 300 g

Black Angus beef, smoked pancetta, pickled cucumbers, mayonnaise, Raclette cheese, French fries and salad mix

Alpine style meat

Black Angus beef bon fillet . 84.00 BGN 200 g
Pork tenderloin 37.00 BGN 200 g
DUC organic chicken fillet 37.00 BGN 200 g
Deer tenderloin 56.00 BGN 200 g
House-made Black Angus beef sausages 44.00 BGN 200 g
Herb-crusted lamb chops 42.00 BGN 200 g

Served on a pre-heated griddle so that you can cook the meat to your desired level of doneness

The meat is garnished with potato Rösti, pickled vegetables, cornichon pickles, ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard


Dark chocolate fondue 20.00 BGN 140 g
White chocolate fondue 20.00 BGN 140 g
Milk chocolate fondue 20.00 BGN 140 g
White chocolate fondue with caramel and salt 20.00 BGN 140 g
Each chocolate fondue is served with cake cubes, pancake rolls and waffle
strawberries 08.00 BGN 100g , pineapple 06.00 BGN 100 g.,
banana 06.00 BGN 100 g., marshmallows 06.00 BGN 100 g.,
Home-made ice-cream ball 4.00 BGN 60 g
Sorbet 4.00 BGN 60 g

Apple tarte Tatin 13.00 BGN 200 g

/served with a ball of house-made ice cream/

Alpine cake Croquant 15.00 BGN 200 g

/served with cream, fresh raspberries, blueberries and milk chocolate/

Meringue with strawberries and Gruyère sаuce 18.00 BGN60 g

/house-made meringue with strawberries, milk chocolate and sauce made of Gruyère cheese and cream/