[:bg]Снимка на Сирене Бри[:en]Photo of Brie cheese[:] | Fondue.bg

Cheese makes every dish more tasty and fragrant – a fact with which any culinary master would agree. And when we speak of dishes from the Swiss or French cuisine, cheese plays a very important, main role. Therefore, it would hardly be a surprise to anyone that we approach the cheese subject when we speak about Fondue menu, but still…Read More →Повече →

Фондю с шоколад / Fondue with chocolate

Fondue is a warm dish from Fondue is a warm dish from Switzerland’s national cuisine. The traditional recipe can generally be described as two or more types of cheese and white wine. The cheese is shredded and melted in the heated wine. The resulting creamy mixture is enriched with different spices and used to dip pieces of bread in it.Read More →Повече →

Фондю с шоколад / Fondue with chocolate

Who doesn’t like desserts? And who doesn’t like chocolate desserts? And is there really anyone who would refuse not just a dessert but a dessert whose main ingredient is warm, velvety chocolate? Yes, you’ve guessed it! We will introduce you to the amazingly delicious Fondue with chocolate which is one of the most remarkable and exquisite desserts of Alpine cuisine.Read More →Повече →

[:bg]Фондю със сирене[:en]Fondue with cheese[:]

Fondue is a traditional Swiss cuisine dish which is prepared by few types of cheese and white wine melted in a special pot and consummated with pieces of bread dipped into it. The products needed to prepare this dish are just few, the technology is not complex, but Fondue is very delicious and the Swiss have a good reason to be proud of their only national dish.Read More →Повече →