Autumn Food Festival – Zurich

Autumn Food Festival – Zurich

The Autumn Food Festival – Food Zurich in Zurich is already a well-known event, which should not be missed. Every year, the best food and beverage producers gather here to take stock, share experiences and introduce visitors to their achievements.

Fine food, slow food, street food – these events are united in one large-scale gourmet festival. Food Festival Zurich covers dozens of events that take place in and around Zurich for ten days.

What is Food Zurich?

Wine course? A walk on the lake with pastries? Vegetable canning workshop? Slow food market? Baking the most crunchy bread with yeast?

FOOD ZURICH includes all this, and much more. Once a year the festival is held for 11 days with over 100 culinary events in the Zurich region.

This makes FOOD ZURICH one of the three largest food festivals in Europe. It is no coincidence that Zurich is the host of this spectacular event. The city has 2900 restaurants and combines everything the heart of the connoisseur wants within walking distance.

During the festival in the 50 most creative restaurants young talents prepare their own urban dishes. FOOD ZURICH provides an opportunity to discuss the food of the future.

The fair is liked not only by the participants, but also by the visitors – you can eat according to taste the best of fine or street food. The festival offers all food lovers producers and culinary masters stage for 11 days, and for guests from all over the world – incomparable pleasure.

This year’s focus of the event was chosen the theme of the culinary future . According to experts, what we put on our plates should on the one hand promote people’s health , but also protect resources of our planet.

The organizer of the festival FOOD ZURICH is a non-profit association that connects specialists from different fields, transmits knowledge and creates experience. All this is built into a world of pleasure, which shows that sustainable pleasure is associated with new ways of thinking, and the background is the unique atmosphere of Zurich.

Autumn Festival of food - Zurich

Festival Events

FOOD ZURICH presents various specialties – from traditional dishes to the latest trends in the production of food and wine.

Street Food Festival

Favorite for visitors is the street food fair. Zurich has been around for years host of the Street Food Festival, which offers real delicacies. The organizers are of the opinion that the attractive in the past french fries and sausages are quite outdated in terms of health and style.

The street festival includes more than 150 exhibitors , serving burgers, momo, tacos, sushi, ceviche, oysters, raclette, praline and cupcakes – the choice is bigger than ever.

There’s something for everyone here. Whether healthy or plentiful, meat or plant-based, regional or from the rest of the world, everything is prepared quickly with fresh ingredients. The international street food movement finds a good response every year and new fans in Zurich.

Slow Food Festival

Not only fast food fans discover their favorite dishes. FOOD ZURICH has something to do also suggested for followers of Slow Food.

The program of the Zurich Festival includes many pleasure events . “Swiss classic” is called a walk around the old town, during which participants try the most famous Swiss specialties. The focus is especially on city delicacies and a bit of the culinary history for them.

Participants learn in this almost three-hour tour who are the most famous swiss cheeses and meat dishes. They can try the traditional Tirggel cookie while listening to the story of the luxury Swiss confectionery brand Sprüngli.

The tour tells stories and shows places that even most locals have never heard of. Participants can taste more than 15 delicious foods and drinks.

Once you’re in Zurich, you can’t help but try the traditional Zürcher Geschnetzeltes . This rich meat dish is made from sliced ​​beef, beef liver, cream, mushrooms and white wine.

Autumn Festival of food - Zurich

Traditional seminars

And since you’re still in Switzerland, you can join a sausage workshop. In this workshop you will not only learn a lot about sausages, but you will also be able to prepare them yourself.

The seminar explains how you can have a balanced diet with meat products and how to avoid wasting food. The lecturers give useful advice on how to look for the desired products in the butchers and what are the different meat standards.

Another seminar presents interesting facts about meat alternatives in a 30-minute talk , including tasting. All participants in FOOD ZURICH can be convinced of the great quality and huge variety of Swiss cheeses.

Autumn Festival of food - Zurich

Lovers of Italian food, which is also part of Swiss cuisine, can pass the main homemade pasta course . This workshop is an overview of the world of pasta from the Alps to Sicily.

Another seminar aims to present Swiss wines in the best light Swiss wines . Colorful, earthy, fruity, tart, elegant and sharp – this is how specialists determine the taste of local wines. This is what the participants in the seminar are convinced of during free tastings.

Every day a new producer or a new wine is presented as a surprise for the guests. Sometimes the ultimate taste experience for wine lovers comes from the mountains of Valais, sometimes from Geneva or Vaud, but what these fine wines have in common. is the responsible care of grapes and vines.

All grape varieties are grown organically and without herbicides or pesticides. B as a result, the vines are healthy and full of life and can bear the best fruit. Those who prefer light and sparkling drinks, can take advantage of the aromatic variety of Swiss cider.

The festival provides an opportunity for a walk on Lake Zurich with pastries. You can let the fresh sea breeze cool you down while trying fine chocolate and pastries, or enjoy gourmet coffee and vegan cakes.

Autumn Festival of food - Zurich

Rich festival program also includes:

  • gourmet truffle hunting
  • collecting urban plants
  • baking great crispy bread with yeast
  • Symposium Soil to Soul
  • many food presentations and debates on current topics.

One of the most interesting discussions is about the culinary art of the future.

The emphasis is on nature and climate protection. Organic farms and agricultural cooperatives in Switzerland are proving that it is possible for basic food production to exist naturally without chemicals.

Some of the festival participants send a message with vegan dishes at reasonable prices , and the products are from just such farms. Thus, they answer the current question of how and with which foods, our diet has an impact on the environment and climate.

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