Швейцарски топли напитки за студените зимни дни

Despite the fact that Switzerland is a small country, it is known all over the world for many things – from banks and watches to cheeses, the famous fondue and, of course, excellent chocolate. However, it is not only available in solid form, but also as a hot drink. The raw nature of the Alps predisposes you to very hot drinks on cold winter days. Apart from hot chocolate and coffee, the Swiss are big fans of herbal teas and hot syrups. There is no greater pleasure than contemplating the majestic nature in the Alps with a glass of hot drink in front of him. HotRead More →Повече →

Фондю в хляб – каква е тайната за приготвяне

Fondue is the culinary business card of Switzerland and is gaining more and more followers for Alpine cuisine. This simple and at the same time ingenious recipe for melted cheese, prepared directly on the table and consumed with pieces of bread, already has fans all over the world. Despite its great popularity, there is still something new to learn about it. Fondue with bread is a lesser known, but especially appetizing, variety of the Swiss specialty. The history of the Swiss Fondue The fondue originated in Switzerland as a means for farming families to make the most of their limited resources during the severe winterRead More →Повече →

Как се е променила швейцарската кухня?

From time immemorial to the present day Swiss cuisine is known and liked by true connoisseurs around the world as a unique combination between history, traditions, home comfort and sophistication. Like anything else over the years, the culinary traditions of this country are subject to evolution. But how has the local cuisine changed over time and what are the reasons for these transformations? The answer has many aspects that we will try to address. Economic factors are important for the development of traditions. Some dishes change or disappear, for example, due to changes in the market – the absence or appearance of some products from abroad,Read More →Повече →

Швейцарски специалитети за вегетарианци/вегани

Alpine cuisine is very nutritious, as culinary traditions in Switzerland have been formed under the influence of neighboring countries and the severe climatic conditions in the mountains. However, despite the well-developed animal husbandry, meat is not mandatory for the home menu. That’s why in Swiss cuisine you can find very tasty dishes that will appeal to vegetarians and vegans. Which Swiss specialties are suitable for vegetarians and vegans? The Swiss are proud that their national cuisine is not only delicious but also useful. Among the main products they use are vegetables – cabbage, spinach, carrots, as well as legumes and rice. Potatoes are also aRead More →Повече →

Френските супи

Soups are one of the most interesting and distinctive dishes from French cuisine. Unfortunately, in everyday life, the French themselves cook them less and less. They are usually served for dinner, not for lunch. French soups are quite different from ours, which are filling and thick, as they say “the spoon can stand upright” in them. Soups in the homeland of haute cuisine are usually light, often offered consommets (broths) or cream soups. Of course, there are exceptions, such as Provencal fish soup Bouillabaisse, which is very rich. The French culinary tradition naturally interacts with neighboring countries. For example, French soups are also part ofRead More →Повече →

Диета и швейцарска кухня – възможно ли е?

Swiss cuisine is delicious and nutritious, and the harsh mountain nature in the Alps suggests that the dishes are filling. In general, they use a small number of ingredients, including mainly dairy products and meat, and vegetables – potatoes, cabbage, spinach and carrots. Also consumed legumes and rice. At first glance, it seems that the traditional dishes of the mountaineers are not very dietary, but in the culinary traditions of the alpine country you can find very light dishes, salads and even fish. In fact, Switzerland is in Europe’s Top 3 in healthy eating after the Netherlands and France, according to an international study. One ofRead More →Повече →

Швейцарският хляб – с какво се отличава

Bread is highly respected in Switzerland and each region and city is proud of its unique pasta. The variety of bakery products in the Alpine country is impressive Swiss bakeries produce over 350 types of pasta. The tradition of bread production comes from time immemorial, and the craftsmanship and recipes have been perfected over the centuries to admire today the locals and tourists with their perfect taste. Characteristic features of Swiss breads Baking bread in the Swiss lands dates back several millennia. Archaeological finds show that as early as 3530 BC in modern Switzerland, people ground flour and baked cakes on hot stones. In theRead More →Повече →

Meat in Swiss cuisine

Switzerland has historically been a land of farmers and that is why Swiss dishes are traditionally simple and nutritious. Along with their famous cheeses, alpine people love to eat meat that is suitable for the harsh mountain climate. According to a national nutrition study MenuCH, Swiss people eat an average of 780 grams of meat per week, which, no matter how you look at it, is a major achievement. The amount is different for both sexes. Men eat 980 g and women “only” 570, according to the survey. The meat in Swiss cuisine is so plentiful and delicious that if you visit the alpine country,Read More →Повече →

Здравословна ли е швейцарската кухня?

Can Swiss cuisine be useful ? The answer to this question is ambiguous. When they think of alpine cuisine, most people imagine a lot of melted cheese, whole milk products and delicious meat bites. This worries those of us who have decided to be careful about what they eat. On the other hand, if we compare with Italian cuisine, we can see that despite the abundance of calories in some recipes, the locals do not have such big problems with weight, heart disease, diabetes and others. This is because most of the time, Swiss people do not eat as much fatty and high-energy foods atRead More →Повече →

Френските салати, част от швейцарската кухня

French cuisine is both sophisticated and simple, luxurious and economical, complex and logical. It has undoubtedly influenced the development of all modern European, and not only European, cooking. Can you imagine our menu without French salads and sauces, terrines and pâtés, soups and stews, cheeses and desserts? Home-made French cuisine is country cuisine dictated by local products and traditions. Each region boasts its own distinctive dishes, and Alsatian cuisine is as different from Bordeaux as the food in Provence from Burgundy. A special place in the culinary treasury have the delicious offers from the Alps, which include extremely attractive French salads. They are also partRead More →Повече →