[:bg]Салата с гъби и бекон[:en]Mushrooms and bacon salad[:]

When it comes to salads, Switzerland has with what to surprise us. In the national cuisine of Switzerland, there is a rich variety of delicious meals, typical for each region. But in addition to the rich selection of cheeses, chocolate, and wines, the Swiss cuisine presents its healthy and fresh side with its diversity of salads for every season.Read More →Повече →

[:bg]Швейцарско ястие Малакоф[:en]Swiss dish Malakoff[:]

The culinary side of Switzerland Switzerland, the country of pointy snowy peaks and breathtaking alpine meadows and lakes, has much to offer in terms of its national cuisine. Switzerland is a country with many faces. Mixing different culinary traditions has led to the emergence of a varied cuisine.Read More →Повече →

[:bg]Фондю с месо снимка[:en]Fondue with meat photo[:]

What is really fondue? Fondue is a traditional Swiss dish that is prepared from different types of Swiss cheeses. It has been declared a national dish of Switzerland and has already established itself as one of the main symbols of Alpine cuisine.Read More →Повече →

[:bg]История на Фондюто | Ресторант Фондю[:en]History of fondue | Restaurant Fondue[:]

Fondue – the fantastic dish  Fondue is a delicious, fantastic dish from Switzerland’s national cuisine. It is not a coincidence that from food for the poor, it has become a specialty among the aristocracy, the artistic circles, and so on. There are many varieties offered throughout Switzerland and in elite restaurants around the world. Behind this “metamorphosis” stands the long and interesting history of Fondue.Read More →Повече →