Топ 5 на ястията, които задължително следва да опитате докато се разхождате по улиците на Цюрих

Switzerland is a place where you will certainly not stay hungry, because culinary surprises are literally around every corner. Each region and city is proud of its specific dishes with a long history and beautiful Zurich is no exception. The largest shopping center in Switzerland is home to people of many nationalities who have arrived for business or tourism. What unites them is that everyone wants to try local specialties, and the Zurich culinary tradition definitely has something to offer. Some of the delicious things to eat are sold right on the street. You can have a quick bite of the famous Zurich bretzel orRead More →Повече →

Традиционни швейцарски алкохолни и коктейлни напитки

The tired tourist will always find something to quench his thirst in Switzerland. The choice of drinks in the Alpine country is generous: there are refreshing there are warming there are weaker and stronger alcoholic that you can drink pure or in various combinations.  What could be better than a glass of wine with a classic fondue, excellent kraft beer, aromatic schnapps or a fresh cocktail?  The traditional Swiss alcoholic and cocktail drinks offered  can satisfy all tastes.  Swiss wines The range of Swiss wines is really very large. Their production is in accordance with  the highest quality standards , and the grapes are grownRead More →Повече →

Телешко с рьощи – класика в швейцарската кухня

We often learn with you how to  prepare different dishes from the depths of the Alps, but so far we have not considered one of the most popular recipes in the region. It is about the  potato roast,  which nowadays proudly holds the title of the classic in the genre of Swiss cuisine. Today we will see how we can prepare it at home, and where we can visit world-class alpine restaurant. According to the  original recipe  for him, this dish originates from the canton of Bern in the German part of the country. His connoisseurs, citing early sources – mostly ancient cookbooks – sayRead More →Повече →

Кайзершмарн – любимата палачинка на император Франц Йосиф

In search of always the original proposals, today we have decided to present you an  original recipe from Austria  with an imperial flavor. When we talk about Austrian cuisine, we all know that it is a matter of  tempting pleasure on a plate,  of delicacies of the highest quality, masterfully executed and served with finesse. Austria belongs to the region of the Alps. Let us introduce you to one of the representative dishes for these places – these are the pancakes called  Kaiserschmarn . In the past, they  cooked on farms  and gained a lot of popularity in the world only when it turned outRead More →Повече →

Алпийски ястия с кайма

The gastronomic preferences in the Alps are multifaceted and diverse, as are the culture and traditions of the region. People in  Switzerland, Italy, Germany and France  have unique culinary preferences specific to different regions, but  at the same time they have a lot in common in their kitchens. One of the connecting links is that in the harsh climatic conditions of the mountain the food is very nutritious, and in this characteristic the minced meat dishes fit perfectly. Among the most famous of them are: Ghackets And Horns Minced veal bellevoir mustard meatballs, etc. Mustard meatballs with potato Stampf Necessary products for meatballs: 600 g mincedRead More →Повече →

Älplermagrone и други алпийски ястия с макарони

We continue to delve deeper into the  mysteries of Swiss cuisine. Today we will look at a traditional recipe for pasta, which we hope you like as much as we do. Something relatively simple and at the same time sophisticated, which  is guaranteed to delight your gastronomic senses. As we already know, alpine cuisine covers the traditions of several regions. Her dishes are most often inspired by life in the mountains.  It is characterized by the use of dairy products , especially with its cheeses – Appenzell, Gruyere, Alterschweizer, Emmental, etc., as well as some typical alcoholic beverages and wines, as well as  pasta, pasta and desserts.Read More →Повече →

Италиански сладки изкушения

Italians have a weakness for both the sweet life and the sweet temptations in the form of: tiramisu cakes executioner canola panna cotta and many others. Some of the unique boot desserts are part of the alpine cuisine, which is becoming increasingly popular. Italian desserts are finding more and more fans all over the world. Tiramisu Undoubtedly the most famous Italian dessert is tiramisu.  Thanks to the simple recipe and the unusual taste, it has become very popular all over the world. According to legend, the cake dates back to Medici times, but there is no evidence of this. His birthplace is considered to be theRead More →Повече →


Summer is coming, and with it our desire to try something fresh and tasty, which will make us feel refreshed, is revived.  Especially at a time when traveling abroad is more complicated than ever, what could be better for the avid traveler than international cuisine?  Although the pandemic of KOVID-19  still does not seem to want to leave our lives, treat yourself to an unforgettable dinner in a fine restaurant. In general,  the birthplace of the fondue is Switzerland.  Today it is also quite common in the alpine regions of  Italy and France.  According to the original recipes, the dish was  prepared from wine andRead More →Повече →

Швейцарските вина

In Switzerland, they not only enjoy  iconic delicious dishes such as fondue and raclette, high-quality cheeses and the world-famous Swiss chocolate. A lesser known fact is that the people of the Alpine country have another reason to be proud. And these are  Swiss wines . The national assortment is simply amazing, and every bunch of grapes is grown in the  ecologically clean lands of the alpine country. Swiss wine production complies with the highest quality standards and therefore, if you have not yet tasted them,  you must quickly correct this omission. Swiss grape varieties In  Switzerland  more than  50 different grape varieties are grown,  andRead More →Повече →

Топ 5 швейцарски сладкиши, които трябва да опитате

 The Swiss  like to sweeten their lives not only with their famous chocolate, but also with many other culinary temptations. Some of them are part of the holiday tradition in the Alpine country, while others are a frequent guest at the table as a delicious dessert. In the Top 5 of Swiss pastries that you should try, honorable places are occupied by: Fondue with chocolate Nusstorte Swiss kisses merengue Zuger Kirschtorte Birnbrot Chocolate fondue Fondue is the most emblematic Swiss dish and we can’t help but emphasize it in desserts as well. But the sweet version is made  not from cheese like the classic one,Read More →Повече →