Seafood fondue

Seafood fondue

Summer is coming, and with it our desire to try something fresh and tasty, which will make us feel refreshed, is revived.  Especially at a time when traveling abroad is more complicated than ever, what could be better for the avid traveler than international cuisine?  Although the pandemic of KOVID-19  still does not seem to want to leave our lives, treat yourself to an unforgettable dinner in a fine restaurant.

Seafood fondue

In general,  the birthplace of the fondue is Switzerland.  Today it is also quite common in the alpine regions of  Italy and France.  According to the original recipes, the dish was  prepared from wine and cheese. 

This was a great way to use the rest of the  food supplies in these mountainous places.  After a while in the cupboard, the cheese began to give off a heavy odor.

The Swiss knew that  the mold was noble and they were not afraid of it  – they just scraped it with a knife, and a little good wine took the unpleasant breath away. The dry bread was perfect for melting in the appetizing hot mixture. Over time, this has become a tradition, and  recipes with beer or oil have gradually emerged, for example, in which pieces of  pork or beef are simmered.

In the warmer zones at the foot of the Alps and in the south  along the Italian coasts the fondue has its own characteristic variations. In these places you can try it, prepared in a really unusual way –  with fish and other seafood.

In the region of the Municipality of Tremecina in Italy , for example, an excellent seafood fondue is prepared, from which you can lick your fingers.  The tender fish pieces, simmering in the oil broth,  emit a wonderful aroma and even hot, the dish brings freshness on warm evenings.

Seafood fondue

For seafood, an oil-based fondue is perfect – for example, olive oil or vegetable oil. The fish that can be used are  tuna, salmon.

Seafood  such as shrimp, crab, squid, octopus, etc. can also be used. The greatest masters prepare bouillabaisse fondue, inspired by the fish specialties of the French historical region  Provence. For a fresh taste, add fresh onions.

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Is it possible to prepare a fondue with seafood at home?

Here is our recipe for a great evening fondue with fish and seafood:

Seafood fondue

In order to prepare fondue, we can generally use a pot and an ordinary hot plate.  It is preferable for the pot to be ceramic coated.  But it is different when we prepare our fondue in a special set with a gas or electric stove, which can be placed directly on the dining table.

To make the fondue a really fun experience, share it with friends. This is  the ultimate food for cheerful company.  The good news is that cooking is part of the party.

For this dish, you don’t need to calculate how much time you have before the guests show up.  You don’t even need any special culinary skills.  If you want to finish everything in advance, all you have to do is cut the garnishes. Then you will throw everything in the pot or fondue pot while you talk.

Fish preparation

After we have previously cleaned the fish, it is necessary to salt the fillet,  as well as other seafood delicacies that we will use for the fondue. Leave them for at least a few hours or overnight so that they can absorb the salt. When it’s time for dinner, chop it into  small pieces the size of bites.

You can leave the shrimps and squid whole.  We separate the mussels from the shells, and if we decide to use an octopus, we will have to clean and cut it well.  We sincerely advise you not to use shrimp rolls,  because they will disintegrate in the broth and do not contribute much to the taste of the final dish.

Seafood fondue

Depending on the type of fish we decide to take, it will need very little time in the  boiling broth  to be ready for consumption. Do not release the whole amount at once, but put a little, along with a mix of garnishes.


In French, the word  “fondue” means something melted.  The traditional way to eat it is by melting various small snacks inside. We will only suggest that the perfect garnish for a fish dish could contain:

  • croutons
  • pieces of potatoes
  • Cauliflower
  • carrots
  • broccoli
  • asparagus

From there, you can let your imagination run wild. For even more richness of taste you can add butter and lemon sauce.  The ideal spices are garlic and dill,  the fish goes a lot and with devesil.

Fondue sets usually have baskets or small bowls where the different bites can be arranged.


For the fondue you will need  special forks with an elongated shape.  With them you can push your bite and safely immerse it in the hot mixture without the risk of injury.

If your service has everything you need –  compartments for garnishes and utensils,  you can just put a porcelain plate in front of each guest. Keep the fondue in the center of the table. This way everyone will be able to reach out and take it, so that you don’t lose the pieces of fish and seafood inside the hot fondue.


It’s time to prepare the broth for our fondue.  Put 100 ml of oil, a glass of white wine and water, without exceeding the maximum indicated on the container (be careful not to overfill the pot, because the mixture will boil and stir).

Use garnished vegetables to flavor the dish  If necessary or just prefer, add a cube of broth. Bring to a boil, then reduce the temperature and simmer. If you notice that it starts to cool down, increase the heat again briefly.

We can proceed to the most delicious part – eating!


The Swiss have some interesting and quite playful customs from a time when we eat  fondue with friends.  If a gentleman drops a piece in the dish, he pays the bill at the whole table, if the event is in a restaurant, or just has to treat everyone. If a lady has the imprudence to miss a bite, she should give a kiss on the cheek to each of the company.

When the potatoes and fish bites are over, the host can divide the remaining broth into bowls and serve them to the guests along with the other croutons.