Veal with roasts – a classic in Swiss cuisine

Veal with roasts – a classic in Swiss cuisine

We often learn with you how to  prepare different dishes from the depths of the Alps, but so far we have not considered one of the most popular recipes in the region.

It is about the  potato roast,  which nowadays proudly holds the title of the classic in the genre of Swiss cuisine. Today we will see how we can prepare it at home, and where we can visit world-class alpine restaurant.

Телешко с рьощи – класика в швейцарската кухня

According to the  original recipe  for him, this dish originates from the canton of Bern in the German part of the country. His connoisseurs, citing early sources – mostly ancient cookbooks – say that in the beginning  roasting was perceived as a simple dish for breakfast  or at least for consumption in the first part of the day.

Once  a favorite rural dish of Bernese farmers,  today it is served anywhere in the world and at any time, and its sumptuous taste is reminiscent of the lush slopes of the Alps.

Ryoshchi is a wonderful choice  both for a home dinner with the family and for a party with friendly company. And why not prepare it when we are alone at home and we want to eat something tasty and crunchy?

The fact that it is  prepared relatively quickly  and with popular ones, makes it quite convenient even for people with a busier daily life. All of its products are  relatively affordable for every pocket.

Телешко с рьощи – класика в швейцарската кухня

Recipe for veal with roasts, prepared in an alpine manner

Let’s learn how to cook  classic Swiss roasts according to an original recipe from the Alps.

To prepare an appetizing dinner with it for four people, we will need the following products:

  • between 300 and 500 g  tender beef depending on the recipe we choose (we will offer you a few things)
  • 1/2 kg potatoes
  • half a head of onion
  • 1 tbsp flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda or  1 tsp  baking powder
  • egg (1 pc.)
  • vegetable fat or ghee (5 – 6 tbsp.).

Method of preparation – several options

Classic roaring

First  we start with the potatoes, peeling and grating them , and during or after that we have to leave them immersed in lukewarm water for a while. Then we wrap them in gauze so that we can drain all the excess liquid from them.

This is important for the  good consistency of our dish . When ready, mix the potatoes with 2-3 tablespoons of fat, egg, flour, baking powder and onion. We make them on flat discs and  fry them in a greased pan.

Телешко с рьощи – класика в швейцарската кухня

There are some important subtleties in frying our roasts, on which it depends to make it crispy, but without falling apart. The main trick is to  start cooking it in a closed pan  and then open it. The heat treatment lasts about  7 to 10 minutes  depending on the power of the hob.

There are several ways to  serve veal with roasts and Swiss style.  You can use beef pastrami by serving it with a potato dish.

Another option is to  make a classic beef steak  – this is definitely the more attractive option if we intend to welcome guests, or we have decided to pamper ourselves. One of the  most Swiss ways to serve meat is in appetizing pieces.

Meat roasts for connoisseurs

And why not put veal inside our roosts? We can use  pulled beef,  as well as small pieces of beef pastrami. Wonderful crispy  meat and potato pancakes are obtained.

Roaring in the form of fragrant baskets

And why not bet on something more extravagant and interesting, offering  roasting baskets with beef.  Make the mixture for the potato pancake and instead of pouring it into the pan, distribute it in mini muffin tins, which  you have previously greased and sprinkle with a little flour.

Put them in a moderate oven for about half an hour,  until they bake to form a golden crust, and in the meantime you will have enough time to prepare the filling. Take the beef you have chosen and  mix it together with 1 boiled mashed potato, 1/2 cup sour cream.

Add spices to your taste – dill, parsley, salt and pepper. You can  serve with a topping  of vegetable mousse with herbs and carrot chips.

Телешко с рьощи – класика в швейцарската кухня


We can  serve the finished roschi still warm and garnished with fresh herbs.  Offer your guests a good Swiss wine for accompaniment and some digestive or dessert with alcoholic essence for after dinner.

Телешко с рьощи – класика в швейцарската кухня

Swiss dishes with beef

Roast is not the only dish from the Alpine region to be eaten with beef. What’s more, along with chicken and pork, it is among the  most popular meats in Switzerland.  Another legendary specialty with its participation are the fragrant beef pieces  Kalbsgeschnetzeltes.  The ideal garnish for them is white rice.

Can we prepare our meals in a healthy way and how?

Nowadays, one of the biggest challenges for all of us is  how to eat the most delicious favorite temptations possible,  without affecting our health or waist circumference.

In its original form with lots of cheese and pieces of fried bacon,  ryoschi can not be called exactly the perfect diet recipe.  In essence, however, the dish is quite basic and we can easily adapt it to your diet.

If you have decided to  prepare God-pleasing roasts without too many calories,  use wholemeal or gluten-free instead of white flour, for example.

You can also remove the egg white and put two yolks instead of one whole egg when cooking it, and replace the cheese and meat with grated carrots and cabbage. This way  you get a lot of protein and no excess ingredients in your meal.

Caution:  read the label  – if the meat you intend to use has undergone some kind of chemical treatment (such as store-bought pastrami) , be sure to check that it does not contain nitrite or nitrate salt.

Nitrite salt is  extremely harmful to our body . Unlike it, nitrate is not, but when cooked, its molecules turn into a nitrite salt, so they  are not suitable for cooking.

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