French Alaminites

French Alaminites

When you’re hungry and don’t have a lot of time for cooking in the home kitchen or you don’t have to wait long at the restaurant, most often you choose something tasty from alamini recipes. These are fast-food meals that generally contain little ingredients. .


Where did the Alaminuts originate from?


It is thought that the term alaminute itself originates from the professional jargon in restaurants under socialism. It has been used by staff at caterers to designate a fast-food dish. It is gradually being introduced as an official term and is used in restaurant menus and textbooks for specialties in catering schools.


This is how people enter their daily lives and in the busy everyday life they become favorite and often prepared dishes for any occasion. The fact that the term is derived from social co-restaurants does not mean that there are no fast-food traditional dishes in the cuisines of other peoples

French Alaminites



What are the aluminates and how are they prepared?

Alaminites can be prepared from a large range of products, as a rule of thumb, they should not be many in one dish. In practice, they may contain meat or meat products, eggs, fish or other seafood, various vegetables. Recipes are easy to prepare and are very diverse.

Френски аламинути

According to their heat treatment the aluminates can be fried, baked in an oven, grill, plate or barbecue, stewed or steamed. Starting with fried eggs, it goes through the traditional Balkan grill and comes to the breaded yellow cheese and the stewed vegetables – anything can be attributed to the Aluminum group of dishes. The largest variety is meat alaminuts.


The sizzling fried meatballs and kebabs and grilled steaks equally arouse the appetite. There are various quick recipes for roasted meats in all European cuisines. This includes also steaks – meat or minced meat. Chicken variants of the Aminuminates  –  fillets of fillet or leg, wings, skewers, fried or breaded chicken nuggets, as well as liver, millet and hearts are also very popular.

For fast roasting or frying, there are also pork and veal liver and other by-products. A separate group are vegetable alaminuts – from zucchini, potatoes, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes and more.

Френски аламинути

In the cuisines of different nations there are alaminuts that are characteristic of the tastes in the respective country. Some of them are particularly popular, such as Serbian sprat, Viennese schnitzels, Bulgarian kebabche and its Romanian relative called Mitchi, Turkish pan jig (fried liver), French omelets and sauteed and many others.


French alaminites


It is an indisputable fact that it is the French who turn food into an art form. Nowhere in the world is so much attention paid to what and how people will be fed. The reason lies in history – the education of the royal court, the strict discipline and system of apprenticeships and related factors – the creativity of cooks, the availability of amazing products and just love for good food.


Even the names of the culinary masterpieces themselves are true poetry for gourmet ears – what it sounds like Duck leg confit on polenta and plums in merlot or Brioche with white chocolate, pistachio and kisses. But let’s leave the highest French cuisine. away.

Although the French are not fond of fast food as Americans understand it, there are still enough fast food recipes in French cuisine  with amazing flavors.




The omelette is a typical French dish made from mixed but not beaten eggs, milk, salt and pepper fried in butter. It is believed that a real French chef  must first be able to cook an excellent omelette. The eggs are stirred with a fork without forming much foam.


Fry the omelette in butter on one side until almost thickened; before serving, roll or fold in half. Unlike the soufflé, the dish should not be fluffy so that when frying the pan is not covered by a lid.


The French think the most important thing about a good omelette is the pan as they use heavy cast iron. Before wrapping or folding the omelet, stuffing can still be added to it while still in the pan. The stuffing can be diced ham and grated cheese, white cheese with spinach, tomatoes and onions, sauteed mushrooms and green onions and more.


Френски аламинути

Chicken steak A la Rochelle


This French dish requires some very ordinary products – two chicken breasts (can also be prepared with chicken steak from a leg), two eggs, three tablespoons flour, oil, yellow cheese, five to six mushrooms, one lemon. Chicken fillets beat lightly and briefly fry in a pan.


In the meantime, prepare a mixture of broken eggs, flour, mushrooms, which we have already cut into retail and grated cheese. The steaks are dipped in such a stirring mixture. Breaded chicken fillets are fried in very hot oil. When served, decorate with slices of lemon and tomatoes. For more appetizing, add tartar sauce, which can be bought ready-made.


Френски аламинути


Provencal ground beef steak


For this steak you need to get half a kilo of veal ground, one hundred grams of fresh mushrooms, one egg, black pepper and a flour for oval. Taste the minced meat with salt if the mince is not pre-indicated.


Thoroughly wash the mushrooms and cut them into small pieces. The mince is mixed with the mushrooms, the egg, black pepper to taste, other spices can be added. From the mixture with wet hands, six oblong steaks are formed. Then, one by one, roll them in flour and fry them in very hot fat.


Steaks with onion sauce


Prepare 4 to 6 veal steaks boneless, olive oil, salt and pepper. You need three tablespoons of butter, 350-400 grams of onion (shallots), a glass of dry red wine, 250 ml of veal broth for the sauce. The meat is rubbed with salt and ground pepper.

The steaks are fried in a preheated and oiled pan for no more than a minute on each side. The degrees of the hob are reduced and the steaks are fried on each side for an additional 3-4 minutes. They are then transferred to a warmed pan and tapped to stay juicy.


To prepare the onion, cut the onion into thin slices and fry for about 5 minutes until cooked. Pour the wine and allow the sauce to boil until all the liquid has evaporated. Add the broth and cook the sauce for 5-6 minutes until the onions soften. Add the remaining cow’s butter and mix. Steaks are served with sauce. The garnish can be made of potatoes and vegetables.


Dauphinoise potatoes

Френски аламинути

Dauphinoise potatoes are named after the Dauphiné (Dauphiné) region. To prepare this dish from southeastern France, you must first peel the potatoes and cut them into circles. Then arrange them in a pan by adding garlic, butter and cream to them. French chefs even pre-rub the pan with garlic for a stronger flavor. Roast the potatoes and you’ll get a simple but delicious meal.

Roasted pork in French


The products you need for this French dish are half a pound of pork fillet, one big onion, about 300 grams of mushrooms, one hundred grams of cheese, 250 grams of cream, green spices, garlic, oil, salt, pepper and other flavors.


The meat is first cut lengthwise to form pieces about 2 cm thick. Beat the pieces and season with salt and pepper. Wash and chop the mushrooms. Cut the onions into semicircles.


Grease the bottom of a pan with oil, put the pork, and put a layer of mushrooms on it to cover all the meat. Spread the onion on top. Everything is watered with cream, pre-mixed with chopped garlic and sprinkled with grated cheese. Place the pan in a preheated 200 – 220 degree oven. The dish is baked for about half an hour, until the colorless juice is released from the meat and can easily be pierced with a fork.