Among many countries that offer tourist trips combined with gastronomic tours , it is unlikely to find another similar to Germany. Since Germany is the country where eating is given enormous importance.Read More →

Today, wherever we go, French cuisine is regarded as a benchmark for sophistication and superior taste. In the different regions of the most romantic country in the world we can taste typical local dishes, in which ancient traditions are intertwined with innovative approaches to flavoring and combining different ingredients, as well as elegant and sophisticated presentation.Read More →

Fondue – a great dish, which is also recommended by the… psychologists! The classic fondue made from cheeses, melted to cream in heated white wine, is an Alpine dish. It was “invented” centuries ago by the shepherds in the Swiss Alps. The idea was the dish to warm up the people in cold or cool weather. Thus, fondue according to the season is suitable for the winter, for the late autumn, and for the early spring. Moreover, there is something very important, which is beyond the delight of tastes and aromas, and which is noticed by psychologists.   Read More →

Fondue in the history of Switzerland  The classic fondue is a creamy dish. It is obtained by gradually melting pieces of cheese in a heavily heated wine. During the preparation, additional flavors are achieved through different spices. You can dip pieces of bread or vegetables into the dish with the help of special forks.Read More →

History of Fondue – the emblem of Switzerland  Regardless of what we say, we cannot deny that the taste of a well-prepared fondue is exactly the traditional taste of the Alps. Although it is a fact that a dish of melted cheese, wine and flour, was mentioned in the epic work of the ancient Greek poet Homer „Iliad“, the Fondue dish is mostly associated with Switzerland. This dish seems to unite in one and exceeds all typical things for the country. But how has it become the emblem of the alpine country?Read More →

Alpine parts of Switzerland, France and Italy are known all over the world with their picturesque landscapes and magnificent mountain peaks and slopes, which are great for skiing and other winter sports, but also with the delicious cuisine. The centuries-old traditions of the alpine settlements are in the basis of their culinary heritage.Read More →

The abundance of Swiss cuisine Swiss cuisine is extremely varied. Not only every canton, but even every town or rural area has its own local specialties that have specific taste, flavors, used products and spices, as well as cooking method.Read More →

Many things in Switzerland contribute to the fame of this country around the world – bank secrecy, the Swiss knife and so on. The list is long, but everything starts with breakfast. This is the most important meal, and the Swiss breakfast gives us a great, nutritious and delicious beginning of the day.Read More →

Swiss cuisine – a mix of cultures  Swiss cuisine is based on the centuries-old culinary traditions of three cultures that has formed the population of the country. The biggest percent are the German speaking Swiss – over 60 percent. About 20 percent are the French, and nearly 10 percent – Italians.Read More →

Swiss cuisine – a rich palette of flavors and aromas  The use of spices for additional flavoring depends to a large extent on the culinary traditions of the region, which create long-lasting taste preferences in people.  Read More →