The Swiss cuisine that we all associate most often with Fondue, Racllete and Rosti is much more than these few dishes. It is varied, delicious and depending on the canton, it is influenced by the Italian, French or German cuisine. Add a pinch of typical Swiss creativity and you will get a delicious country cuisine with gourmet elements.Read More →

Switzerland is a country with a rich and varied cuisine that can impress anyone who decides to „go” beyond the dishes, which are traditional for the country such as fondue, racklette and rosti, and try something a little bit different, but as tasty as…Read More →

Switzerland is a country in which the herbs and spices are given a special respect. And today, if you go into a Swiss home, you will find at least several types of herbs, which the hosts grow, to have a fresh condiment or herb always at hand. The country is blessed with incredibly beautiful nature, high mountains, green meadows, and pristine lakes, around which, a great variety of herbs and spices grows.Read More →

France is an unusual country and it is famous for its delicious soups, aromatic cheeses and masterfully prepared desserts. There is no other country in the world that is so marked by its desserts as France. The French desserts are globally well-known and they are characterized by superior culinary mastery. Being able to prepare French desserts is just an honor.Read More →

Switzerland is a small country, but it offers products which are so popular and taken up as something normal all over the world that we automatically associate them with the name of the alpine country. Everybody has heard of the Swiss chocolate, cheese, pen-knife, and also about the tempting Fondue.Read More →

Switzerland is the country of the chocolate, we all know it. This is the country of the cow Milka, which is meekly browsing grass high in the Alps, and a delicious milk chocolate is running down from its udder, chocolate, that all children (and adults) love. After this announcement, you think that in the Swiss desserts chocolate invariably exists as an ingredient?Read More →

If someone asks you what foods you associate with Switzerland, your first answer will probably be cheese and chocolate. And you will not be wrong because both products are invariably present at the Swiss table.Read More →